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Pre-Registrations Now Open For GTA5/FIveM & Arma3 Courses

Admissions may be limited at launch to provide quality support.

Please register below to ensure you have priority access at launch.
Registrations may also determine the order in which courses are released.

Grand Theft Auto 5 / FiveM

Programs and Services will soon be available

  • Lua Scripting

  • Animations

  • Vehicles

  • Weapons

  • Objects/Props

  • Ped Clothing

Service Requests for custom scripts and assets are open

Los Angeles


GTA5 is our main focus for development. We offer services, and courses, for nearly every type of assets, to include:

Animations, Vehicles, Weapons, Peds, Props, and Maps.

City at Night

Cfx FiveM (GTA5)

As an extension of GTA5, we offer LUA scripting services and courses which are specific to FiveM. 

We are currently only offering scripting in Lua. We will be offering C# and NUI support soon.

Desert Architecture


Courses available for Arma 3 will help you set up a workflow, teach the basics of SQF syntax, and the overall requirements for scripting.

SQF is the only language used by Arma 3 for scripting.

Course Pre-Registration

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